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Colored Gemstones

Ludwigs Jewelers has a dazzling array of beautiful, genuine colored gemstones in rings, pendants, and earrings. From the soft pink tones of morganite to the vivid blues of blue zircon you will find a large selection of gemstones and styles to choose from. Genuine ruby, sapphire, and emerald are among our gemstones, along with all birthstones such as amethyst, garnet, citrine quartz, peridot, opal, tanzanite, and blue topaz. Ludwig’s also has rare or unusual gemstones including pink and watermelon tourmaline or rhodolite garnet. Quality at reasonable prices is always the aim of Ludwig’s Jewelers.

We also carry a collection of beautiful cultured pearls, including Akoya cultured pearls as well as freshwater cultured pearls. Styles include necklace strands, pendants, earrings and rings. A strand of cultured pearls is a traditional gift from a groom to his bride; a wonderful way to begin a tradition in your own family.

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The world of colored gemstones is large and varied. To be considered a gem the stone must have beautiful color, durability, and rarity. The best color should be a rich, intense color whether it is the red of a ruby or the purple of an amethyst. Prices decrease as the color lightens, and clarity is also considered in the value. Stones that are heavily included (or blemished) are not as valuable as flawless gems, or those that only have a few inclusions.

Durability relates to the hardness of the gem. A gem that is so soft as to be unwearable would not be a good choice for a ring. Gemstones vary in hardness, with ruby and sapphire being among the harder stones.

Rarity relates not only to being called a gemstone but also to its value. Minerals that are pretty and durable would not be considered a gem if they were so prevalent you could find them in your back yard. More rare gemstones, such as alexandrite, in better qualities can command higher prices than a diamond.